Simple. Clean. Direct.

Booking a class and cancellation policy

We encourage you to sign up for your class online. Why registering online? Our teachers do check in for their classes in order to welcome each and of you with the smile. By registering online, you greatly help your teacher to make the check in process more efficient. You are welcome to purchase your class card in the studio of course; when you do so you receive an email confirming your purchase. Email contains a link to your account in MindBodyOnline (software that we currently use for class management), please use that link to manage your subscription. Cancellation policy is 12 hours before the class. 

Vibes in the studio 

When you are running late for a class, please call the studio to let the teacher know (teacher will prepare the mat for you). Kindly note, if you are more than 5 mins late we can not guarantee your entrance to class. Whenever you enter the practice room, please do so quietly and respectfully to other students. When you see someone entering the room late and trying to find space for his/her mat, please readjust your mat to create some space for that person. We are all in it together! 

Mobile phones and photo taking 

Please put your phone on "silent" mode when you enter the studio. At Sputnik Yoga Space we don't support photo/video taking during the class (unless it has been explicitly agreed with the management of the studio before the practice). Our teachers respect your privacy and they will not be taking any photos or videos during the class either. Feel free to snap photos and videos after the class is finished. 


We are slowly working towards minimising cash payments at the studio. You can buy your class card online or in the studio. We accept cards of all payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay. 

Hygiene: mats, shower and other inspiring things 

We have one shower in the studio (we are small but clean). There is "5 mins shower" policy, which means you can have a quick refreshing shower after your practice. If you need a towel, you can rent one for 2€. There are no hair dryers available (sorry). If you use tissues for your nose during the class, please make sure you throw them in the bin! We offer mats free of charge, please help us to take care of those by cleaning them after the class (cleaning spray and cloth are available after the class). 

Forgotten property

We keep forgotten things for 7 days, after which we let them go in a responsible way. Kindly note that studio is not responsible for lost or missing items. 

Studio amenities

We provide mats free of charge. If you need Wi-Fi code please ask. Bring your water bottle, we have water fountain the studio. Tapis gratuits, Wi-Fi, filtre à eau (apportez votre propre bouteille si possible), une douche (5 mins max rule, vous pouvez louer une serviette 2€, pas de sèche-cheveux).