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"J’ai décidé que mon diabète ne serait pas une fatalité. Aujourd’hui il est mon allie..." (Lea Balbo)

On the 22nd September 2019 one of our admired teachers, Lea Balbo, will be sharing her knowledge and her reach experience with you. In 2012, short after leaving professional sport (she was a nageuse de haut niveau N1/high level swimmer), Lea was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. She made a decision to make diabetes her ally instead of letting it govern her life. She studied a lot about the condition, she started practicing yoga and with time she started noticing the positive effects of conscious practice on her. She undertook yoga teacher training and now she wants to share her findings and reach experience with people who have diabetes and those who are interested to learn more about the condition that impacts almost 1 out of 10 people in France. 


 Event will be guided mostly in French with English translation if necessary from time to time. Tarif for this event is 45€. To sign up please use the "BOOK" button below, choose 22nd September 2019 and SIGN UP FOR CLASS. The link for deposit payment of 25€ will be send to you via email soon after registration. Programme: 

- What is diabetes and how it impacts the body and mind? 
- How yoga practice can be beneficial in the management of this condition?
- Advise/suggestions about specific asanas for High sugar level?
- Advise/suggestions about asanas/pranayama for Low sugar level?
-  Nutrition, Breathing, Meditation ?
- Questions and answers 


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